Fans of the NFL are not tuning out amid the recent domestic abuse scandals involving several players, including star running backs Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson.

Tantaros: The NFL Now Stands for 'Not Freaking Listening'

In fact, ratings are up.

A new poll shows that nearly 90% of NFL fans say their viewing habits have not been affected by the league's recent wave of off-the-field problems.

Andrea Tantaros said that people love football more than they dislike the NFL's scandals.

"The saying is 'Don't hate the player, hate the game.' They're just hating the players, and they're loving the game, and I don't see that changing anytime soon," she said.

Sandra Smith pointed out that the scandals weren't mentioned once during coverage of last night's Thursday Night Football game.

Today's #oneluckyguy, Jonah Goldberg, explained the surge in ratings could be attributed to Americans retreating to sports when times are tough.

Goldberg then had the line of the day, noting a statement from a Chicago mom/Bears fan to The New York Times, in which he she said she now views the NFL like a business. 

"Is she shocked to find out that bears are using our national forests as toilets? Who is like blindsided by this news?" Goldberg joked.

You tell us: are the recent domestic abuse scandals changing your NFL viewing habits?

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