The Ailes Apprentice Program celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month with its annual series which features inspiring stories from the Hispanic/Latino community.

Today on “Fox & Friends,” Alicia Acuna spoke to legendary musician Jose Feliciano, who was born blind into a struggling Puerto Rican family.

Feliciano's future and the history of Latin music were forever changed when an uncle gave him a $10 guitar.

“I think every kid has a knack," the self-taught prodigy said. "When I was a kid, I could make music out of anything, whether it be a rubber band, a tin can, whatever it was, I made music out of it.”

Throughout his incredible, decades-long career, Feliciano never let his blindness get in his way and he always kept his sense of humor.

Of his legendary career, Feliciano said, “I hope that I will be remembered as a man who tried to bring peace with his music.”

Watch the clip from "Fox and Friends" above.