Fox News military analyst Gen. Jack Keane (Ret.) told Martha MacCallum this morning that he does not believe the current White House plan will work against ISIS.

He said U.S. air power will have a significant effect against ISIS in Iraq and Syria, but called the plan for forces on the ground a "weak hand."

President Obama has said U.S. troops on the ground in Iraq will not have a "combat mission," only supporting the Iraqis. Congress has now approved funding for arming and training Syrian rebels to combat ISIS. 

Keane believes these measures on the ground are insufficient, pointing to military leaders who are urging the president to "strengthen this weak hand on the ground."

He called out Obama for repeatedly, since 2009, rejecting "force level plans" from his generals.

"Every time he has limited our military options to be able to accomplish the mission," said Keane.

On the subject of Arab allies - such as Saudi Arabia and Jordan - putting troops on the ground against ISIS, Keane believes these nations are wary of aggravating radical Islamists within their own countries.

He said it will take President Obama's personal leadership to convince them to join the fight, arguing that right now "they're not convinced that the president is serious about actually seeing this through to the end."

Watch his full analysis above.

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