Fox News chief intelligence correspondent Catherine Herridge appeared on "On The Record" to discuss the rapid rise of the terror group ISIS, which now boasts more than 30,000 fighters, according to the CIA.

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"ISIS is really a continuation of what we know as Al Qaeda in Iraq," Herridge explained. "And in simple terms, this is really a group that is like Al Qaeda 3.0."

"It’s younger, it’s leaner, it’s meaner, and it’s a generation that really grew up with social media. And this is the lifeblood of the new digital jihad. This is how they’re able to spread their message and give the impression that they’re not just in Iraq or Syria, they’re in the U.S., as well."

Herridge suggested the 30,000 number that the CIA put on ISIS is significant because it’s unusual for the CIA to release that kind of information.

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She suggested that the Obama administration wants that information out to gain support for it's plan to deal with ISIS. Thus, the CIA is politicized on this issue.

Herridge added that ISIS has been on the intelligence community's radar for at least five years, and the president has received information on the rise of ISIS for at least a year in the President's Daily Brief.

“This is the most highly-prized and classified document that’s produced by the intelligence community," Herridge explained.

"So, this idea that the intelligence community let the president down, or they were somewhat blindsided, I don’t think really holds any water.”

Watch the clip from “On The Record” above.

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