A Maryland teacher became only the third person to take home $1 million from Wheel of Fortune. Her father, husband and two young children watched as she solved the puzzle "Loud Laughter" to pull off the rare feat.

Wheel of Fortune Contestant Pulls Off Epic Guess on Final Puzzle 

Earlier in the game, Sarah Manchester, had won the million-dollar sweepstakes wedge from the wheel. That meant that before the final puzzle, the $100,000 prize card was replaced with a $1 million prize card.

It was a still a longshot that she'd be able to pick out the $1 million card, but she did. The $1 million bonus was added to the show in 2008.

Watch the middle school math's teacher's amazing win below:

Check out more on Manchester's story from The Washington Post:

So, let’s get to the question everyone secretly dreams about and therefore wants to know: You just won a million dollars — what are you going to do with it?

Manchester laughs. She doesn’t anticipate life changing too much, though there might be a few differences. For example, now the whole family can tag along when her daughter’s chorus goes on tour in France next year. Otherwise, she’ll put it toward college tuition savings for the kids (“Now they might have more options that we would have shied away from”) and plans to collaborate with her family about choosing charities to donate some of the winnings.

And how will her sixth and seventh grade students feel about hearing their teacher just became a millionaire on national TV? Manchester won’t see them until Monday, as they have a substitute teacher for the next couple of days while she’s in New York to appear on “Good Morning America.” Still, she’s pretty sure there will be some excitement in class tomorrow.

“I don’t envy the sub,” she jokes.

Wheel of Fortune Contestant Pulls Off Epic Guess on Final Puzzle 

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