Shepard Smith today took on White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest over the administration’s ISIS strategy and the broad coalition that the White House keeps referencing. It was Earnest's first Fox News Channel appearance.

Earnest said that Muslim-led countries will be part of the broad coalition.

“Like Saudi Arabia’s gonna have some boots over there, or Jordan?” Smith pressed.

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“I will let the individual members of the coalition announce the commitments that they’re prepared to make,” Earnest told him.

“There will be no commitment from those two. On this, I will bet every penny I will ever make at this network,” Smith fired back.

Earnest laughed and noted, “That’s a substantial bet.”

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"It is a big bet and it’s a good bet because it’s not going to happen and everyone knows it,” Smith told him.

Smith noted that the Bush administration had to field these same questions, and that they are fair questions that deserve answers.

"We have a coalition of the Muslim world? I don't see it," Smith said.

Watch the exchange above.