Former President Jimmy Carter, “an avowed liberal man, not considered a warrior by anyone” said Tuesday night that the U.S. needs to attack ISIS, Bill O’Reilly said in tonight’s Talking Points Memo.

But last night on “The Factor,” O’Reilly noted that both Alan Colmes and Dennis Kucinich said they would have allowed ISIS to kill the innocent people stranded in northern Iraq and thousands of Kurds. He called it strange, questioning: how can you let innocent people die when you could save them?

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“As a historian, I well know that failing to stop evil leads to more evil,” O’Reilly said, noting that Hitler could have been taken out earlier, but the “peace for our time crowd” didn’t confront him.

O’Reilly returned to the topic of Carter, saying, "Whenever you have a guy like that, convinced the country is being threatened, you've got to take it seriously. Now, he wants to destroy ISIS, and you know what? He’s right.”

Reps. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) and Sean Duffy (R-Wisc.) joined O’Reilly after the memo to discuss Congress’ approval of a mission to train and arm Syrian rebels. Blackburn explained why she voted in favor of the mission, and Duffy explained why he opposed it. Watch more above.

Congress Approves Mission to Train & Arm Syrian Rebels