On the 13th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, four students at one South Carolina high school decided to fly American flags from their trucks.

The principal at Woodruff High School, however, confiscated the flags, saying it was against school policy for students to "draw an unusual amount of attention" to their vehicles, according to WSPA-TV.

The decision outraged parents and locals and sparked a protest at the school over the apparent zero-tolerance policy.

The students were not punished and their flags were returned at the end of the day. The principal, Aaron Fulmer, later said he would look into revising the policy.

On its Facebook page this morning, Fox and Friends asked you which story was the most outrageous. A whopping 74% chose this one, with 22% choosing RGIII being forced to take off a Jesus shirt, and 4% picking a female middle school student being forced to take off her "Virginity Rocks" shirt at school.

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