Scots are set to vote tomorrow in a historic referendum on whether to declare independence from Britain. Willie the Groundskeeper of "The Simpsons" may be in favor of a "yes" vote, but Stuart Varney is definitely not.

Polls show the country is just about split on the issue, with the "no to independence" side ahead by a few points.

The Varney & Co. host sat down with Martha MacCallum, of Scottish heritage, to explain why the idea of independence for Scotland is a really bad one.

He explained that if "yes" wins, it will trigger "enormous instability" in Britain and Europe, give a "shot in the arm" to other separatist movements in Europe, create a currency dilemma, and be "big trouble for NATO."

"Scotland is home base to Britain's nuclear warheads. What are they gonna do if they vote for independence and kick the warheads out? ... I think it's a rotten idea on all counts, Martha MacCallum, Highlander."

What is bad for Scotland, Varney argues, is that current leader Alex Salmond wants to move toward a "neo-Socialist society" if independence wins out.

Martha joked that anyone who has seen "Braveheart" knows that Scotland has a long history of wanting independence, but Varney dismissed that as "propaganda." Then she pointed out that independence from the British turned out well for America.

"That was then, this is now. Why does Scotland wish to be independent? They've already got their own legal system, educational system, they've got their own Parliament and they've got their own government. Why do they need their own flag!?" Varney asked.

Other still-unanswered questions surround Scotland's oil revenue and what share of Britain's debt Scotland will be responsible for if independence is declared.

Watch the lively debate above and tune in Thursday for full coverage of the Scottish independence vote on Fox News and Fox Business.