Mark Levin had a powerful message to the families of fallen soldiers in Iraq on tonight’s “Hannity.”

“I – on behalf of many people watching, many people in this country – want to apologize to you. I want you to know that your sons and daughters are heroes,” he said. “They did exactly the right thing. I want to apologize to you for this phony commander-in-chief who cut and run, and as a result helped build up this enemy […] these terrorists, these cockroaches that we’re now having to deal with or should deal with once and for all.”

Levin asked: do we even want to win wars anymore? He blasted Obama’s ISIS strategy, saying that Obama doesn’t view it as military action.

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“For him, the truth is it’s about politics, it’s about containing this issue politically for him so he can focus on fundamentally transforming America. This is a very serious matter to understand.”

Levin said that if Obama wanted to defeat ISIS, he would get a declaration of war, “unleash Hell on these cockroaches, and get out.”

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