Secretary of State John Kerry today testified at a Senate hearing on ISIS -- which the administration refers to as ISIL.

“The issue that confronts us today, is one on which we all ought to be able to agree: ISIL must be defeated. Period, end of story,” he said.

Kerry described the terror group as “cold-blooded killers marauding across the Middle East, making a mockery of a peaceful religion.”

He said that’s “precisely” why the U.S. is building a coalition in an effort to stop the terror group.

Kerry addressed Code Pink protesters in the room, saying that ISIS kills, rapes and sells women into sex slavery, adding that Code Pink needs to stop and think about how to deal with that.

A protester then began to shout: More invasions will not protect the homeland.

Watch the beginning of Kerry's testimony above. Hear Kerry address Code Pink in the video below.