Douglas Brunt's new book, The Means, delves into the world of politics and news. Sounds like something that his wife, Megyn Kelly, might know a thing or two about.

So what happened when Brunt asked The Kelly File host for some edits on his first draft?

"She's my first reader of all the stuff that I do. She's so helpful, but she's very - as you know - brutally honest. So I get these thick stacks of first drafts back with red all over it. 'Boring, boring, sorry Honey, boring.' Things crossed out. You need an honest reader like that," Brunt said on Fox and Friends today.

He also got some advice from The Five's Bob Beckel while writing the book, in addition to checking out a control room to see how a news show is produced behind the scenes.

Brunt already had one bestseller, Ghosts of Manhattan. Check out his interview on The Kelly File and see more info his book, here.

Is a Character in 'The Means' Based on Megyn Kelly?