U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has designated actor Leonardo DiCaprio as a U.N. messenger of peace. The “Titanic” star will speak at a U.N. climate summit.

Greg Gutfeld sounded off on this on “The Five,” saying that there is more Antarctic sea ice than any time since measurements were first taken in 1979. As for the polar bears? Gutfeld said they’re just fine.

“If only ISIS beheaded them, Leo might care about terror,” he said.

‘It’s Crazy’: Gutfeld Blasts Obama for ‘Addressing Global Warming Before Global Terror’

Gutfeld wondered, “Imagine if stars like Leo focused on terror, not climate. Lives could be saved, but terror doesn’t get you to the party invites or allow indictments of America.”

He continued, “As rape and death spread globally, these dopes condemn carbon, an energy source which could actually save millions.”

Hear his monologue and his co-hosts’ reactions above.

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