The parents of a teen gunned down in New Jersey went “On The Record” to discuss their son’s death, which some believe to be an act of domestic terrorism.

Brendan Tevlin was gunned down in his car this summer. Authorities say Ali Muhammad Brown admitted to killing Tevlin and three others. The suspect allegedly described himself as a devout Muslim and said he killed people to exact revenge for America’s involvement in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria.

Michael and Allison Tevlin discussed their shock upon learning that Brendan had been killed. Allison said that she never thought something like this could happen, and Michael called it a bad dream.

Michael said he believes that the shooter was looking to kill somebody that night.

“In some ways I think – you know – why was it Brendan? If it wasn’t Brendan, it was gonna be somebody else, so in some way, Brendan saved somebody’s life because somebody was dying that night, and I believe that,” Michael said.

Of reports that Brendan’s death could be an act of domestic terrorism, Michael and Allison said that the murder is a complicated case and that they feel the truth will come out.

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Watch more below, and tune in tomorrow to “On The Record” for more with Brendan’s family.