Jennifer Griffin reported this morning (video above) on the dire financial situation facing the Afghan government. Despite hundreds of billions of dollars in American investment, the government in Kabul is asking for an immediate $537 million bailout from the United States.

Griffin explained that the country is having trouble buying food for Afghan soldiers and soon won't be able to pay employees. The financial woes are blamed on the political stalemate following a disputed presidential election in April.

Secretary of State John Kerry visited last month trying to broker a deal on a unity government, but neither candidate would agree to step aside.

“The bottom line: It appears we’ve created a government that the Afghans simply cannot afford,” John F. Sopko, the inspector general for Afghanistan reconstruction, said last week in a speech at Georgetown University.

More than 60 percent of Afghanistan's GDP comes from foreign donors, mostly from the United States.

Meantime, a suicide bombing on Tuesday killed two American soldiers near the U.S. embassy in Kabul.