Charles Krauthammer said tonight on “The O’Reilly Factor” that the U.S. must win back the Anbar Sunni tribes in order to expel ISIS from Iraq.

He said they will be needed – in addition to Kurdish forces and elite Shiite militias – to fight the terror group.

“You have to fight with the local resistance – they can win, but they have to be on our side,” he explained.

O’Reilly: Sooner or Later, U.S. Ground Forces Will Have to Engage ISIS

​Krauthammer Blames Obama’s Ambivalence, Reluctance for Anti-ISIS ‘Coalition of the Unwilling’

Krauthammer noted that Obama’s ISIS strategy address was a political speech, not a military one.

“This was Obama reacting to the change in public opinion that was a result of the beheadings on video,” Krauthammer explained.

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