50 years ago, President Lyndon B. Johnson declared an “unconditional war on poverty in America.”

Since the beginning of that war, U.S. taxpayers have spent over $22 trillion.

Yet, today, the poverty rate is at 14.5%, higher than the 13.3% it was at in 1967.

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Greg Gutfeld pointed out on "The Five" today that the U.S. census counts a family as poor, but excludes any income or benefits they receive from the government, thus ensuring that those programs will grow while poverty statistics remain unchanged.

“It’s not a war on poverty, it’s a zombie that you can’t kill,” he said. “Stop throwing money at it. This is crazy.”

Eric Bolling noted that President Obama pulled out restrictive rules on aid that President Bill Clinton put in place.

Those rules were intended to ensure that people receiving benefits continue applying for work, or at least maintain the semblance of doing so.

“It’s literally more financially beneficial for you to stay on welfare programs than to go out and get a job for a good percentage of the population,” Bolling asserted.

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Bob Beckel explained that these programs were well-intentioned to give people housing, welfare and food, but they ended up breeding two generations of dependent people who have remained in poverty while having larger families.

“In a perverse way, it kind of worked in the opposite of the way it should,” Beckel said, adding that he agreed with Bolling that there should be restrictions on government aid.

Andrea Tantaros said the war on poverty has become too profitable and too big an industry.

“I just think it’s become too big – the zombie, as Greg mentioned – to eradicate.”

Watch the clip from “The Five” above and sound off on America's $22 trillion war on poverty in the comments section.

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