Sean Hannity tonight blasted the administration as “one of – if not the most—inept we’ve ever had.”

Hannity said we are facing a terror group that is the largest, most well-funded in history.

Meanwhile, we have a president and administration “whose incompetence is unparalleled in modern American history.”

Hannity Lashes Out at 'Dull' GOP: 'They're Playing It Safe, Not Inspiring Americans'

Then, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio weighed in on Hannity's commentary, saying that Obama essentially believes it's America's fault that we have enemies.

"This president ran by basically bragging that he was going to get us out of every conflict on the planet, he was going to disengage us from the Middle East. This is not uncommon among isolationists like himself, people who believe that American engagement is actually the reason why these problems exist," Rubio said.

Hear more of Hannity's commentary above, and watch Rubio's interview below.

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