Outspoken Muslim critic Ayaan Hirsi Ali spoke at Yale last night, despite the Muslim Students Association’s reported attempts to silence her.

Student Rich Lazardo invited Ali to Yale. He told Megyn Kelly tonight that the association did not formally ask for her cancelation, but said the community would be hurt if she spoke. The association then asked for a second speaker to counter her views, but was denied.

More than 300 people showed up to hear Ali speak, and Lazardo said 100 students had to be turned away, since there was no room. Ali got three standing ovations.

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Harris Zafar, national spokesperson for Ahmadiyya Muslim Community USA and author of "Demystifying Islam," said he didn't support calls for her event to be canceled because he believes in freedom of speech.

Still, he said it’s surprising that Yale would have Ali there, when she calls for the military conquest of Muslims and espouses a dangerous interpretation of Islam.

“Does she not get to opine and say what she thinks about Islam – about radical Islam […] having undergone what she did?” Megyn Kelly pressed.

Yale Under Fire for Inviting Islam Critic Ayaan Hirsi Ali to Speak

“Just as you have been given a forum here on ‘The Kelly File’ to say what you want to say, Ayaan Hirsi Ali deserves to say what she thinks and speak about her own experiences without having you say it was inappropriate for them to give her a forum and without the Muslim Students Association repeatedly trying to silence her voice," Kelly said.

Zafar said Ahmadiyya Muslim Community just wants to respond to her speech with its speech.

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