Pollster Frank Luntz was on Hannity tonight, just 50 days ahead of the midterm elections. Luntz told Hannity that Americans are looking for consistency and clarity, and they’re not getting either of those in Washington.

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“I’m mad at Republicans,” Sean Hannity countered, explaining that the party must put forward conservative solutions.

Hannity called out the party for using a "do no harm" strategy, as reported last week by The Hill.

He said Republicans are missing an "inspiring vision" and believes they should unite behind a five-point plan that outlines solutions for getting the country back on track.

Hannity said the solutions would include securing the border, balancing the budget by cutting a penny from every dollar of spending and offering an alternative to ObamaCare.

Hannity said the GOP must learn to communicate better, pointing back to the "Contract With America" that flipped the balance of power in 1994.

Luntz agreed that the GOP would do better if they united behind a plan like that.

Watch the full discussion above and tell us what you think: are Republicans doing enough to convince Americans ahead of the midterm elections?

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