In tonight’s Talking Points Memo, Bill O’Reilly weighed in on the U.S. versus ISIS.

He noted that only 28 percent of respondents in a Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll say they are confident that President Barack Obama will be able to defeat the ISIS terror threat.

O’Reilly said this is because Obama hasn’t been assertive in using power, and he even seems to be ashamed of it.

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“But now, with weekly beheadings by ISIS, the reluctant warrior must wage war, but not total war – tepid war.”

O’Reilly blasted the president, who he says doesn’t want a wide war on terrorism. “He wants small ball, isolated attacks on evildoers.”

But “The Factor” host said that “with the dramatic rise of the ISIS Nazis, that strategy is not enough.”

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According to O’Reilly, only the U.S. can lead a fight against evil, but our president is too nuanced and not fully engaged.

O’Reilly called for Obama and Congress to pass a declaration of war against Islamic terrorists.

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