Following the hacking scandal that resulted in the release of hundreds of nude photographs of celebrities, model Joy Corrigan reportedly plans to sue the tech giant Apple.

Corrigan claims she warned Apple months ago that someone had broken into her account. She followed Apple's advice to change her password, but someone gained access to her account just days later.

Criminal defense attorney Diana Aizman appeared on Shepard Smith Reporting today to discuss this potential lawsuit.

The question, according to Aizman, is how did hackers gain access to her account, through a security flaw on Apple's side or through a fishing scam?

"It would be really difficult to hold Apple liable for a scam that somebody on another platform could have been the victim of," she explained.

She added that it would be an uphill battle for the victims of the hacking scandal to file a class-action lawsuit against Apple.

According to Aizman, the hackers reportedly gained access to the accounts by correctly guessing the security questions and not by some inherent flaw in Apple's security system.

Watch the clip above.

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