Is the United States more or less safe than on 9/11? A recent Fox News poll showed by a slight margin, Americans feel the country is less safe.

The Special Report panel - Judge Andrew Napolitano, Charles Krauthammer and Juan Williams - took on this question on the 13th anniversary of the September 11th terror attacks.

Judge Napolitano says Americans are increasingly accepting the "myth" that they must trade civil liberties in exchange for better security. He believes the poll should ask whether the country is more or less free than before the 9/11 attacks.

"I would say we are profoundly less free. Every single liberty guaranteed in the Bill of Rights has been violated with impunity by the Bush administration and by the Obama administration. ... It is the worst of all worlds because we now have come to a point where we expect the government to spy on us. We don't even complain about it. And our grandchildren will be raised in an environment that will know no privacy," he said.

Bret Baier asked whether the country would have made it 13 years without a major terrorist attack without enhanced security measures, like the NSA and the Patriot Act.

The judge said there has been no major attack because the CIA kills "the bad guys" overseas, not because the NSA spies on "decent, hardworking Americans."

He later said he sees even more totalitarianism in the United States now than in East Germany in 1989.

Juan Williams pushed back that Judge Napolitano had gone "too far."

What do you think about the question of civil liberties versus security?