Why isn’t college freshman Brendan Tevlin’s murder being treated as terrorism by the Department of Justice?

Ali Muhammad Brown admitted to killing three people in Washington state, then later killing Tevlin in New Jersey. He described himself as a devout Muslim and said he killed to exact revenge for America’s role in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Trace Gallagher said that terrorism experts say Brown fits the definition of a homegrown terrorist, but the feds say he does not. In 2004, Brown was part of a ring in Seattle suspected of depositing fraudulent checks, then sending money to terror groups overseas. While the terror connection was not verified, police say the leader of that ring went to Somalia and died fighting alongside al-Shabaab.

Where Is the Media Outrage Over Teen's Murder By Alleged Jihadist?

Judge Andrew Napolitano was on “The Kelly File” tonight, where he described a terrorism charge as “acts of violence intended to intimidate the civilian population or affect the policy of the government.”

Napolitano explained that Washington has the death penalty, but New Jersey does not. He said federal prosecutors might believe that Washington will give Brown the death penalty, so they may not bother with prosecution in New Jersey.

He also speculated that the feds don’t want to incite the public by declaring Brown to be a homegrown terrorist.

Act of Jihad in America? Radio Host Says Teen's Murder Was 'Domestic Terrorism'

“The lone wolf terrorist is the United States government’s greatest fear and deepest darkest nightmare because he has no trail, he said.

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