Judge Jeanine Pirro said in her Opening Statement Sunday night that this time in U.S. history calls for a true leader. And she pointed to the fact that again the president was golfing on Sunday, a day after a third beheading video surfaced from ISIS.

"These times - possibly more than any other - call for a real leader. I don't believe that you're up to the task," she said, recalling that she was "haunted by the image" of President Obama going to play golf right after speaking about the beheading of James Foley.

"You just had three weeks at Martha's Vineyard and today, after a third beheading, you're on the golf course again! While John Kerry tries to partner up with our Arab allies who don't trust you," said Pirro.

She called out Obama for continually sending the wrong message to our enemies.

"Starting with your 2009 apology for being an American speech in Cairo, to your not sending troops to rescue our men begging for help in Benghazi, to saying that you're going to reduce the army to pre-WWII levels, to constantly signaling that we are not a superpower."

Watch the full Opening Statement above.