The parents of beheaded American journalist James Foley were on tonight’s “On The Record” in part two of an exclusive interview on the loss of their son.

Diane and John discussed the day that they learned that their son had been kidnapped. Diane said they were in shock and that they started to pray.

“I really feel that it was the strength of prayers of the world really that gave Jim the strength to survive the torture, beating, the whole ordeal,” Diane said.

James Foley’s Mom: We Found Out About Son’s Beheading on the News

For nearly a year, the Foleys didn’t know where James was or if he was even alive.

John told Greta Van Susteren about the pope’s phone call to him and his wife after the news of James’ beheading. The pope, who himself was grieving the loss of some of his family members, shared his sympathies with the Foleys.

John said that it showed how Pope Francis is “a real humanitarian, a real caring human being.”

Judge Jeanine to Obama: 'After 3rd Beheading, You're on the Golf Course Again!'

President Barack Obama also sent his condolences and said the U.S. did everything it could do to get James home, telling them about the raid the U.S. attempted.

Diane also remarked on Obama golfing moments after giving a statement on her son’s death, saying that she and John were “just disappointed as Americans.”

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