Hall of Fame golfer Greg Norman almost lost his left hand in a chainsaw accident over the weekend, but as we saw on Fox and Friends, his sense of humor was mostly unaffected.

"The Shark" sent out a series of photos on Instagram after the harrowing accident, writing: "Work with a chainsaw ALWAYS be respectful of the unexpected. I was one lucky man today. Damaged, but not down & out. Still have left hand."

Norman called in to Fox and Friends this morning to update us on his condition, joking that at least he can still play tennis. Norman said luckily the chainsaw was not running at a high speed when he accidentally cut into his left hand while working on his property in Jupiter Island, Florida.

Norman said he called his wife to come down to help and they used a tourniquet before he was rushed to the hospital.

The doctor told him he was "extremely lucky" because he missed a main artery by "micro millimeters." Norman then underwent surgery to repair nerve damage.

Norman said he can move his fingers and will be starting to exercise soon.

Steve Doocy asked whether he will be able to play golf again.

"I know one thing, Steve. I'll be able to play tennis and whoop your butt because I'm right-handed," Norman joked.

Steve countered that Norman should consider hiring a professional next time he needs some chainsaw work done.

Watch the interview above.

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