"The Empress of Soul" Gladys Knight sat down with Michael Tammero on the latest edition of In the FOXlight to discuss her newest album, “Where My Heart Belongs."

Tammero asked whether it's harder today for young artists to succeed in the music industry.

Knight believes it is more difficult to make it on talent alone, saying more and more young artists are trying to make a name for themselves by creating "drama."

"That's why they're going outside of their talent to be known. What is it that I can do to make people notice me? 'Oh, let me take my clothes off or let me get in a fight with somebody. Let's have a little drama going. That wasn't our main goal back then. It was about perfecting a gift," said Knight, who then revealed that she'd like to work with Kanye West in the future, saying he has a "unique sound."

Watch the full interview above.

Also, check out this extended clip, as Mike asks Gladys how the iconic "Pips" name came to be.