One city in China is so fed up with people walking and texting that it created a sidewalk lane specially designated for those who want to walk as they use their cell phones.

On Outnumbered today, the panel discussed the city of Chongqing's radical new measure and whether or not mobile phone lanes might catch on in the U.S.

"I'm against all this hysteria over texting and I'm against laws that make it illegal to text in your car," #oneluckyguy Tom Shillue controversially said, explaining that people driving while texting and simultaneously trying to hide their phones can cause even more danger than if they simply texted out in the open.

Sandra Smith disagreed. "The worst thing you can possibly see is something texting while driving. Don't do it," she warned.

Smith added that she likes this idea for a cell phone sidewalk lane, noting that on the streets of New York City, she will often see pedestrians who are texting or otherwise distracted by their phones walking right into traffic.

Watch the clip above.

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