As the threat of the terror group ISIS grows, politicians on Capitol Hill aren’t sure how another war in Iraq might affect their bids at reelection in this November’s midterm elections.

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Rep. Jack Kingston (R-GA) appeared on Huckabee and said there is genuine disagreement and concern in Washington over whether or not Congress will be supporting President Obama’s strategy against the barbaric terror group.

Kingston asserted that no matter what congress thinks of Obama’s address and the upcoming congressional vote on his plan to combat ISIS, it is a positive in that it brings important questions forward.

“We need to vote on this. We need this debate as Americans. It will at least explain and educate," Kingston said, adding that he is leaning in favor of the president's plan, except he would not remove ground troops from consideration.

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"If this is a threat and if this is that important, you cannot take ground troops off the table," he said. "The President of the United States, as commander-in-chief, needs to have all the tools available to win."

Kingston also expressed concern at working with Syrian rebels. Often, the training and equipment that the U.S. gives to rebels ends up falling into the wrong hands and being used against U.S. troops a year or two later.

Watch the clip from Huckabee above.

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