Following the release of shocking footage of Ray Rice brutally punching out his then-fiance and the announcement of disturbing charges of child abuse against Adrian Peterson, the NFL is under fire on all sides, with calls for the league to take a stricter stance on domestic violence and for commissioner Roger Goodell to step down.

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Veteran sportscaster Jim Gray and victims’ rights activist Wendy Murphy joined John Roberts on Fox News Sunday this afternoon to discuss the NFL's tough week.

“There is a culture problem in the NFL with regard to not only violence against women and, clearly, children, but a culture of cover-up,” Murphy stated.

“They want to avoid scandal, because it hurts them at the bottom line, it ruins reputations, it effects their branding. And the cover-up almost always works, and that’s the problem.”

She also noted, however, that domestic violence is at a lower rate in the NFL than in the real world.

“We need to talk about larger society, as well,” she said.

Gray said he doesn't think these scandals will lead to Goodell losing his job. According to several NFL owners he had personally spoken to, there is zero appetite among owners to fire the commissioner.

Watch the clip from Fox News Sunday above.

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