Many feel that the brutal murder of a New Jersey teen has not gotten enough attention. Brendan Tevlin,19, was shot to death in New Jersey in late June.

It later emerged that his accused killer, Ali Muhammad Brown, told police that his motive was revenge for U.S. actions in the Middle East.

Earlier on America's Newsroom, Martha MacCallum discussed the case with a local radio host who said the murder was an act of "domestic terrorism" that the whole country needs to know about.

The "Outnumbered" hosts - featuring Montel Williams today - took on the key question of why this case has garnered very little attention nationally.

Andrea Tantaros called the story "disgusting," and said it's "shameful" that it hasn't gotten more attention. She highlighted Megyn Kelly's interview this week with radical professor Ward Churchill.

"What Ward Churchill has said in past is what this jihadist has said in past. This is a growing trend," she said, pointing to other cases of Muslims being radicalized in the U.S. and honor killings by extremist Muslim men.

Montel Williams countered that hate crimes are rampant in the United States, targeting gays, blacks, Jews, and Asian-Americans. He said all of those crimes can also be called "domestic terrorism" just like this.

Tantaros pushed back that this apparent jihadist murder is different than those types of hate crimes.

Watch the full debate above.

Act of Jihad in America? Radio Host Says Teen's Murder Was 'Domestic Terrorism'