Tonight on “The Kelly File,” Charles Krauthammer said President Barack Obama’s entire ISIS strategy “is really in trouble.”

Krauthammer explained that Obama isn’t asking for authorization from the Democrats because they are begging him not to cast a vote for war. Turkey – which is next to Syria – has also said that it will not allow us to use its air bases.  He also touched on Obama’s remarks comparing this mission to what we have done in Somalia and Yemen.

“Obama said we have to imitate what we did in Somalia and Yemen, which is quite ridiculous. Somalia – we’ve had two airstrikes all year. He’s gonna defeat ISIS – which his own administration is calling a threat unlike any we’ve ever seen – with two airstrikes, drone strikes? That doesn’t apply.”

Krauthammer: ‘President Trying to Save a Collapsed Presidency’

Krauthammer remarked that George W. Bush had 38 allies with boots on the ground, 25,000 allies on the ground with us.

“Obama as of today has zero,” he said.

Krauthammer said the biggest issue is that “you’ve got a president who is ambivalent, a president who clearly is reluctant, a president who obviously does not want to do this.”

Krauthammer: Obama ‘Was Unable to Manage the Victory’ in Iraq

He noted that Obama announced a surge and withdrawal date in the same sentence.

“They see a president who does not commit himself to win or to succeed, only to go in and to get out,” he said, explaining that allies are asking themselves if they’re going to follow a man into battle who clearly isn’t committed.

“It’s a lack of confidence in the president who draws a red line then walks away and pretends he never drew the red line at all,” he said.

Krauthammer on Obama’s ISIS Campaign: ‘His Heart Is Only Half in It’

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