Three American security operatives who fought in Benghazi sat down with Steve Doocy this morning on the second anniversary of the attack that killed four Americans. The men - Kris Paronto, Mark Geist and John Tiegen - revealed their inside accounts last weekend in an explosive Fox News special, 13 Hours at Benghazi, and in a book of the same title.

In a smoking gun revelation, they said that a CIA officer held them back from responding to the U.S. facility where Amb. Chris Stevens and Sean Smith died. They eventually rushed over to the scene, but after a half-hour delay it was too late.

Another question that has surrounded the attack was the lax security around the U.S. compound, which was being guarded by a local militia. Many of the February 17 Brigade members fled when the attack started.

In the book, they recall that a militia commander did not want to deploy forces to the compound gate and instead said he was going to "make a phone call to the attackers to negotiate for the release of the trapped Americans." They wrote in the book that they wondered how the commander would know whom to call or why he believed he could make such a deal.

Paronto said the alliances of the February 17 Brigade are still one of his main questions. He said the security team had "no rapport" with the militia guarding the compound and did not trust them.

"We didn't know what alliances they held. We just didn't know. ... We never did any sort of form of internal defense or any sort of training with them to build that rapport," said Paronto.

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