On “Outnumbered” this afternoon, #OneLuckyGuy Eric Bolling weighed in on President Barack Obama’s remarks on ISIS last night.

Bolling noted that the president said those who threaten America will find no safe haven. But he pointed out that Obama created a safe haven that eventually allowed ISIS to form when he withdrew all U.S. troops from Iraq.

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Bolling said, “I watched the speech and the only real message that I heard is: we’re gonna need more money, we’re gonna train some troops – and we’re not even sure who we’re gonna be training – but the message was Islam is a religion of peace.”

What does Bolling think Obama should have told the world?

"He should have said, ‘All you terrorists out there […] look up in the sky because in 15 minutes there’s gonna be some Hellfire missiles coming down on top of you.’”

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