Mitt Romney went “On The Record” ahead of President Barack Obama’s speech on ISIS tonight.

He said the point we have reached is a result of Obama’s foreign policy, which “is based upon America withdrawing from the world, in some respects apologizing for our heavy footprint over the years, shrinking our military.”

Now, the world sees American weakness and a lack of resolve, Romney told Greta Van Susteren.

Krauthammer on Obama’s ISIS Campaign: ‘His Heart Is Only Half in It’

“People have come to see in the president someone who speaks eloquently and oftentimes definitively but then doesn’t follow through […] I certainly hope that you’re gonna see from the president the follow-through that’s been missing in the past.”

If the U.S. follows through and we get support from our allies, we will be able to defeat ISIS, Romney said.

“This is the result of a foreign policy severely gone awry,” he reiterated.

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