The newest edition of 'My America With Elisabeth Hasselbeck' gives you an inside look at the tryouts to be a ballperson at the US Open!

10-year veteran ballperson and talent evaluator at the tryouts Joe Laskowski said, "You have two of the greatest players on the court right in front of you. It's so thrilling out there, seeing every point unfold. It's something you can't experience just watching on TV."

Hasselbeck explained that 400 people tryout for 80-100 open spots, and even though the competition is tough and the pay is only $7.75 an hour, people come back year after year.

Tina Taps, Director of US Open Ballpersons, said, “Our ballpeople are focused. They never give up. They might fumble a little bit, but they get that ball off the court and let play continue.”

Watch the clip above!

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