Single Americans are now the majority of the adult population, according to new government statistics. It's the first time the total has risen above 50% since the Labor Department began keeping track in 1976.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics said in its August report that about 124.6 million Americans were single, comprising 50.2% of the over-16 population.

Single Americans made up 37.4% of the population in 1976 and the percentage has steadily moved upward.

The percentage of adults who have never been married is 30%, up from 22% in 1976 and the percentage who are divorced, separated or widowed has risen from 15% to nearly 20% in that time span.

The Outnumbered panel discussed why the country seems to be trending away from marriage over the last half-century.

Andrea Tantaros believes part of the reason is that women are now earning more and have more career options, so they're waiting longer to get married.

Jedediah Bila pointed out that it's better to be single than "unhappily married," noting how many friends rushed into marriage in their 20s only to get divorced.

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