Moments ago on The Real Story, Fox News chief White House correspondent Ed Henry gave us the latest on President Obama's preparations for his big primetime address on his strategy to combat ISIS.

He said the president is looking to "raise the stakes" with his 9p ET speech to the nation.

Henry said he's been told Obama has already gone through several drafts and has called King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia to talk about what he'll be announcing.

He said the White House was pleased with the response to the president's appearance on "Meet the Press" Sunday and is attempting to "seize the moment" by going with a primetime address.

Henry said it's unlikely that President Obama will announce airstrikes in Syria, but is expected to lay the groundwork for that action against ISIS.

Obama plans to seek congressional approval for increased support to moderate Syrian rebels, Henry reported, possibly including heavy weapons.

"The idea would be using the Syrian rebels as ground troops while there are U.S. airstrikes in Syria," said Henry, noting that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had pushed Obama to arm the rebels.

Watch his full report above.

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