In tonight’s monologue on “The Five,” Greg Gutfeld noted that President Obama has a penchant for the word "extraordinary" and said that's one thing he doesn't want to hear from the president during his address on ISIS tonight.

Gutfeld said “the time for repetitive rhetoric is over,” as we face a devastating threat in ISIS.

“There are no gay Americans, black Americans, Mexican-Americans, just Americans," Gutfeld said. "Defense trumps diversity.”

For the past six years, according to Gutfeld, we’ve lived in Obama’s bubble where all our problems are within our own borders.

“Tonight, President Obama must abandon politics as team sport and unite us against the toxic threat that is radical Islam,” Gutfeld said, adding the evil that Obama dare not speak of has led to the beheadings of Americans, rapes in England and a Paris riddled with radicals.

“It’s ‘Islamophobia-phobia’ leading to all of this. If you can’t face that, then we’re done," Gutfeld said. "But maybe Obama isn’t that kind of unifier, and, sadly, it will take an event instead of a man that will unify us.”

“It won’t be ‘extraordinary.’ It’ll just be awful.”

Above, watch Gutfeld's monologue and see the hosts of “The Five” react with what they want to hear or don't want to hear from the president tonight.