Two months after the death of legendary radio host Casey Kasem, his widow, Jean, and his daughter, Kerri, are locked in a bitter court battle over where Kasem will be laid to rest.

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Legendary Radio Broadcaster Casey Kasem Dead at 82

Kerri Kasem joined Elisabeth Hasselbeck on Fox and Friends today to discuss her efforts to stop her father's burial in Norway.

"I had to fight. If I wouldn't have fought, I don't think I would be OK right now. And I am OK because I got to spend the last 15 days of my father's life with him. He didn't die alone in a nursing home," Kerri said. "He knew he was loved."

She explained that her father wanted to be buried in Forest Lawn, California, not Norway, where Jean has the burial planned.

She said that Mike Curb, former Lieutenant Governor of California and close friend of her father, wrote a letter to Jean saying he was personally told by Kasem that he wished to be laid to rest in California and also offering to pay for the funeral.

Kerri said that letter is online, along with a petition signed by 20 friends and family saying they know Kasem would have wanted to be buried in Forest Lawn.

Kerri said she doesn't know why Jean would want to bury her father in Norway.

"There's no rhyme or reason. She's not Norwegian like she claimed," Kerri said. "I called her family. The have no Norwegian roots or blood. In fact, some of her family signed the petition as well."

In June, Jean said Kerri and others had "blood on their hands" and she would hold them responsible as "conspirators in [her] husband's death."

Kerri countered that she believes her father would be alive today if it weren't for Jean taking him out of the nursing home and moving him to uncomfortable conditions for three weeks, which she described as excruciating and horrific.

"Do I think she hastened his death? 100%," Kerri said, adding that there is an ongoing investigation into Jean Kasem, and she expects charges to be filed.

Watch the clip from Fox and Friends above.