In part two of an exclusive interview, Megyn Kelly challenged radical former professor Ward Churchill on his take on 9/11, and she asked him if he believes America deserves to be attacked again.

Churchill said he would not apologize for his shocking essay on 9/11, in which he compared the victims to Nazi Adolf Eichmann.

“I will not apologize. When I hear an apology for the half-million Iraqi children, I’ll consider it,” he told Kelly.

No Holds Barred: Megyn Kelly Confronts Professor Who Compared 9/11 Victims to Nazis

Kelly also asked him: do you believe we will get more terror attacks and that we deserve them?

“You keep doing what you’re doing, you’re probably going to get responded to in kind,” he said, adding that drone attacks are upsetting people.

Again, Kelly pressed, “Do you believe the United States ought to be bombed?”

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“I think the United States by its own rules is subject to being bombed.”

“Yes or no? […] Just say it if you think it’s true,” Kelly said.

“I say that if you open yourself up under rule of law for reciprocation in kind, it’s quite likely going to happen,” he concluded.

Kelly also asked Churchill about why he stays in America if he hates it so much, and why he has made his living working for a government that he hates. Hear more of the gripping interview in the videos below, and tune in Thursday, Sept. 11 for a debate between Churchill and Dinesh D’Souza.