A spokesperson for the Attorney General of New Jersey has said it would have been illegal to release surveillance video to the NFL of Ray Rice punching his then-fiance in an Atlantic City hotel elevator.

Rice was cut by the Baltimore Ravens and suspended indefinitely by the NFL following the release of disturbing footage by TMZ Sports yesterday, which the NFL has claimed is the first time they had seen Rice knock his now-wife unconscious with a brutal sucker punch.

Judge Andrew Napolitano joined Gretchen Carlson on The Real Story today and said that it would have been illegal for the government to release the video.

However, it would not have been illegal for the Revel Hotel & Casino, TMZ or Rice's attorney to do so.

Judge Nap noted that Rice's lawyer likely would not have surrendered the video to the NFL, but there is an argument that the hotel had an obligation to release the footage if requested by the NFL.

Judge Nap added that the NFL does not face any further dust-up from the government.

"The NFL's decision to discipline Ray Rice or not to discipline Ray Rice is an internal matter between the NFL, the Ravens, the players' association, Ray Rice and their fan base," he concluded.

Watch the clip from The Real Story above.

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