Former NFL player Bill Goldberg and hall of fame quarterback Fran Tarkenton were on “Hannity” tonight to sound off on Ray Rice’s indefinite suspension, following a horrific video which shows him knocking out his then-fiancée in an elevator.

Goldberg said the video was “absolutely despicable,” and that his reaction afterwards made him about as sick as the punch he threw.

“His reaction walking into the interview room when he and his wife initially addressed the public, when this first became an issue, the fact that he didn’t let her go in before him. It’s these simple little things that as a man you do, as men we do,” he said.

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Tarkenton said he should be banned from football and cut from the Ravens.

“For life?” Hannity asked.

“For life. More women lose their life from domestic violence than from any disease. This is a horrible thing,” he said.