Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) went “On The Record” tonight to discuss Barack Obama’s foreign policy ahead of the president’s address tomorrow about his ISIS strategy.

“I think his ideology is basically not to be Bush […] don’t use a heavy footprint, use diplomacy, don’t be a cowboy, use a professorial approach to problems, be contemplative, and it’s caught up with him,” he said.

Tomorrow, Graham said Obama will have to convince Congress and America’s allies to follow him now, and that he must overcome the trust deficit.

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“Who would trust this guy?” Graham asked, saying that Obama didn’t leave troops behind in Iraq and referred to ISIS as “jay-vee.”

“You’ve got to instill fear and respect as president. I think he’s lost both fear and respect from our enemies, and when it comes to our allies, the American people and the Congress, he’s not trusted and people see him as incompetent.”

Graham cautioned, “I’m pulling for him – why? Cause if we don’t get this right, they’re coming here.”