On tonight’s “The Five,” Kimberly Guilfoyle slammed the NFL’s response to Ray Rice’s assault of his then-fiancée Janay Palmer.

The NFL has indefinitely suspended Rice, and the Baltimore Ravens have terminated his contract after surveillance video surfaced on TMZ.com, showing Rice knocking out Palmer in an elevator. He was originally suspended for two games after a first video surfaced, showing him dragging Palmer out of the elevator.

The NFL claims it never saw the surveillance video and didn’t even know about it, but TMZ says otherwise.

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Andrea Tantaros said of Rice’s suspension: the first video wasn’t enough?

Guilfoyle agreed. “Really, you needed to see the second video? Are people that dense out there? Hello, she didn’t knock herself out unconscious […] the NFL wanted plausible deniability. They didn’t want to see any part of that tape ‘cause it would have pushed them to the fire.”

Bob Beckel said that the bigger issue is that the NFL has known about domestic abuse cases with their players going back four years, but the league did nothing. He said the NFL is protecting its brand and players, blasting it as ridiculous.

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“The whole thing is an indictment of the NFL, as far as I’m concerned,” he said.

“When there’s been a history of this kind of abuse with your players, it seems to me you’ve got a responsibility to the fans, to women to step forward. What did they do? They hid it all,” Beckel said.

Will Rice be able to make a comeback? Hear “The Five” weigh in above.

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