What should President Barack Obama say in his address tomorrow on his ISIS strategy? Charles Krauthammer, who used to write speeches for Walter Mondale, weighed in.

While Krauthammer said Obama should start by saying that he “screwed up” in 2011 when he didn’t leave troops behind in Iraq, Krauthammer said that won’t happen.

“He should stop talking about what he’s not gonna do […] his mission tomorrow night is not to lay out a plan because his enemy is watching – it’s to lay out a mission.”

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He cautioned that Obama should not give timelines or be too specific. “Don’t give us details,” he said.

Bill O’Reilly asked Krauthammer to weigh in on Russian President Vladimir Putin as well.

“Putin is capable – if he miscalculates – of starting the unthinkable, which is a European war,” Krauthammer said.

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However, Krauthammer noted that would be unlikely.

“He’s ambitious, aggressive and unsubtle but he’s not reckless because he knows he’s gonna get no resistance from the U.S. and the Europeans,” he said.

According to Krauthammer, Obama “gave away the store” with Putin, telling the former Russian president to tell Putin that after the election, he’d be flexible.

“The man is a gymnast, he’s so flexible,” Krauthammer quipped.

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