Two daredevil filmmakers ventured 1,200 feet inside a volcano's fiery crater and lived to tell the story.

On Fox and Friends this morning, Sam Cossman and George Kourounis shared what it was like to journey to one of the most dangerous and inaccessible areas on the planet. They described the Marum volcano, on the remote island of Vanuatu in the South Pacific, as a “window into hell.”

“I’ve always loved adventures, and this was one I had set my sights on a couple years ago. It took a long time to make happen, but we eventually did,” Cossman explained.

In addition to acid rain and toxic fumes, the adventurers had to overcome a broken starter cable on their motorized ascender.

If they hadn't fixed the starter cable, “We’d still be down there,” Kourounis exclaimed.

Kourounis said he was also pelted by small, volcanic rocks and even splashed by a small amount of liquid lava that melted part of his protective suit.

A volcano's crater is “one of those places you go very, very briefly and then get out,” he said.

Watch the clip from Fox and Friends above and check out Cossman and Kourounis' incredible photos from inside the volcano below.

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