“Are the American people entitled to honesty from our president?” Megyn Kelly asked tonight.

“The Kelly File” host noted that President Barack Obama repeatedly misled the American people when he said, “If you like your plan, you can keep your plan.” He was ultimately forced to admit that he “should have been more clear.”

“And here he goes again,” Kelly said. In January, Obama called ISIS “jay-vee,” but in August, Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel called them “sophisticated and well-funded” and said “they are beyond just a terrorist group.”

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Now, the White House spokesperson and Obama himself denies the facts, saying that the president was not specifically talking about ISIS when he made his “jay-vee” remarks.

“Honesty on the rise of a terror group should be expected from any commander-in-chief. However, the bigger question tonight: Has the president been deceiving the American people or worse, has he been deceiving himself?”

Hear Kelly fact check the president above.