Greta Van Susteren was on “Hannity” to reveal how she was pressured by the White House to get Fox News to back down on Benghazi coverage.

In the wake of the Benghazi attacks, Van Susteren said that she got a call from someone high up in the administration. The official asked Van Susteren to tell Fox News’ Jennifer Griffin to stop reporting on an alleged “stand down” order because it was false.

Benghazi Bombshell: Security Team Told to 'Stand Down' By CIA Officer

This weekend in a Fox News Reporting special, security contractors gave their firsthand accounts of the Benghazi attacks. They say they were given a “stand down” order during the night of the fatal attacks.

The “On The Record” host said she asked for proof that the report was wrong, but the official did not provide any. She said that Fox News was then excluded from a State Department briefing on Benghazi, though the State Department said it was a mistake.

‘My Gut Is Yes’: Benghazi Security Contractor Says Stevens & Smith Would Be Alive If Team Wasn’t Delayed

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